The Pathway Immersion Center is the third stepping stone that will provide a place away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for people to come and dive deeper into their journeys of walking their own Path Leading Back to Me.

The first Pathway Immersion Center aka "Little House on the Prairie" was purchased in February 2017. 

Chappell Hill, TX   |   Contractor :: Matthew Chaput   |   Designer :: Kathryn Chaput

Check back soon for updates on our progress.

The following artists have been selected to showcase their work at the Little House.

All of their works embody an element of healing hence the reason they have been selected.

Read below about the process they go through to bring forth their beautiful creations.

Bridget Yvonne Fernandes


More info coming soon!

Amber Maida

Mixed Media Paintings

Amber's work begins with a spiritual ritual of Chi-cultivation, grounding her deeply into the earth; embodying its energy and guiding her hands like a dance, while simultaneously building a universal, yet intimate story within each work. This symbiotic connection with these energies, charges the materials with positivity, preserving a storied past or one yet to be known. Embedded elements of nature enrich the layered, textural quality and symbolic language of Amber's work. Gathered found or saved objects such as skeleton keys, steel cut nails, eggshells, and bees are fused with paint becoming a visual journal, that honor the materials and her message.

Loveleen Saxena


More info coming soon!

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