The Path Leading Back to Me

The Path Leading Back to Me is a self-created path leading us to our light of perfection within ourselves.

We can find this perfection by moving in the direction of what brings us joy.

As we walk along our paths, we will...

>> Relearn what brings us JOY.<<

>> Unveil talents we didn't know we had, which are completely UNIQUE to us.<<

>> Be guided to use our talents to bring forth our RIGHT creations.<<



The Path Leading Back to Me workbook is creatively designed to facilitate the process of reconnecting you with your inner perfection.


It contains 3 sections: REBUILD  |  RECONFIGURE  |  REDISCOVER

Each section walks you through 5 stepping stones (Total of 15).

Every stepping stone includes artwork, inspirational writings, exercises, journaling, & doodling activities to assist you with your journey in finding what brings you joy.