Be Still



Black & White print


Stepping Stone :: Be Still

End Goal :: Calm

Doodles can be a powerful instrument for the subconscious mind. They can relay their hidden messages to the viewer and transform their subconsciousness by planting new seeds of wisdom related to their messages.

Meditate upon the Be Still Transformative Doodle daily. Concentrate upon the lines, the directions they lead you, and learn to be okay with the path the doodler’s pen has drawn. Let the hidden messages sink into your subconsciousness so you understand once again that by calming the body, you calm the mind allowing your inner guidance to work through you.


Daily Transformation

I choose to become calm within my body to be still within my mind.

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DOODLER :: Loveleen Saxena

Check back soon to learn about the process Loveleen goes through to create these magnificent doodles.