What Happens to Me, Happens to You

Everything that happens with you Little House is a direct reflection of what’s happening with me. Matt & I created a business together in December. It was very rocky at first and we didn’t know how to build it. We had all these ideas with no solid ground work. When our pipe broke last month and the workers came to demo the kitchen and bath, I saw how rotted our subfloors were. Little House, you were trying to show me in order to build up, we had to build solid ground to build upon.

This past month, the workbook for Pathway Immersion got published and the first couple copies were printed and sold. This being the fundamental starting point of Pathway Immersion was a reminder for me that in order to keep growing the program, we needed the core piece to be complete. I had been delaying the publication because I wanted it to be perfect, but as my Dad wisely told me, there comes a time where you just need to let go and get it out there.

Matt and I are ready now to fix the floors at the Little House. We see that we have made our core foundation strong in our business together as well as with Pathway Immersion. We are now ready to make the floors we walk upon strong at the Little House too. We want them to easily support anybody who walks through her doors even as weak as they might feel. The Little House will support them no matter where they are in life. This will hopefully help ground our guests and rebuild their inner strength by feeling the solid floors underneath them.

It took me a while to connect these dots that the Little House REALLY was transforming with us. I said it in the first blog post about Our Journey with the Little House, but it didn’t really sink in until this past month. I had felt stagnant for a while and couldn’t figure out why the Little House wasn’t progressing like Matt and I wanted it too, but I realize now it was because I needed to progress in what I wanted and in what we wanted together.

May this teach us all to keep moving. Spring is in the air and we need to keep progressing forward surrendering to the flow of Universal guidance. When we surrender and let our life take shape, we can remove any blocks hindering us from keeping our eye on our end target.

The only easy day was yesterday.