Laugh Until Life Makes Sense

A few weeks ago, Texas had below freezing temperatures, which unfortunately froze our pipes and caused one to crack. When Matt & I found the water gushing from underneath the house and up onto the sub floors in the kitchen and bathroom, there was nothing we can do expect throw our hands up and simply say, “We surrender.”

When anybody gets to this point in their lives, they are about to experience a major shift. What I learned as I was watching the workers pull up our floors was that Matt and I were walking on a very weak surface not just in the Little House, but in life. We were trying to build our dream life not realizing that the foundation upon which we were building was about to crumble, and the only way to keep moving forward would be to excavate the old and build anew.

Whether we make it through this and continue to pursue our dreams, or whether we let go and take the lessons learned will be determined over the next few weeks. Either way we are here in this game of life to take the experiences from the past to help shape us for a better future. Whatever direction our lives go, we will do just that with our heads held high knowing we put forth our absolute best effort.

Failure is a part of the game and it is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, it should be something we are proud of because it propels us to want to succeed even more. This strengthens our will and creates a solid mindset for success to build upon.

May we all express gratitude for our failures and successes knowing that without them nobody would be where they are today. No matter where that is it’s always a good place because it means we are all learning and trying to grow. Let’s not take life too seriously for a game is supposed to be fun. This game of life is not meant to pull us down, but instead get us to laugh at it until it all starts making some sense.

The only easy day was yesterday.