It’s Not Always Easy to Love You

Matt and I have had our ups and downs with the Little House. Some days we make good progress and other days everything breaks down on us. We want to easily love this farmhouse, but when it does this frustration sets in.

As I sit and ponder over this thought, I begin to understand all love tends to move through these same ups and downs. Some days we love ourselves, our loved ones, our creative projects with all our hearts and find it easy to express this love. Other days we get off track with ourselves, get into fights with others, and make no progress with our creativity while finding it increasingly difficult to share our love. This does not mean though we stop the flow of love towards these things because if we do that, they will deteriorate.

We found the Little House when it had stopped being loved. Matt and I saw what the lack of love did to it. If we don’t take care of something even when it’s in an imperfect state, how can we expect for it to reach perfection?

Love is what makes real change happen. By loving ourselves, we can release the hold on our imperfections and connect with our true selves, which is perfection. By loving others just as they are, we can uplift them to become their best selves. By loving all things creative in whatever current state they’re in, we can open up a channel for more creative energy to flow through us.

See love moves everything forward in the right direction and I firmly believe love will move this Little House to become its perfect self. Matt and I will see past the imperfections and remember at the core of this farmhouse is the word “Love” written on the back of a wood panel. We were meant to take off this panel during one of our early visits to the Little House because she wanted us to see love was at her core.

May we all love more deeply today than yesterday. Let us all see past our imperfections, others imperfections, and our creative imperfections. By believing more in love, we can connect with our true selves and push the world onward and upward into its highest state of perfection.

The only easy day was yesterday.



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  1. Katie, this is exactly the message we need to hear these day, especially myself. Thank you so much for sharing your profound and meanful lessons from yours and Matt’s labor of LOVE. I love you❣️

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