In Order to Heal, We Must Listen

In order for the Little House to become a center to help facilitate the healing process, it must first be healed. When Matt and I purchased the farmhouse back in February, it felt cold, dark, eerie when you walked through it. But there was a quiet feeling we felt from the house that said, "don't just look at my exterior structure, look at my core. See that despite the negative layers that surround me, my light is still shining through. Find the light within me and you'll find the beauty you are looking for in this house."

As Matt and I started spending some time at the Little House, we'd find treasures that confirmed this house was meant to become a center to facilitate the healing process. For example, when we pulled off some of the ship lap in the kitchen, there was a plank that had the word "Love" written on the back. When we cleared the landscaping around the house, we found pieces of petrified wood, which is known to promote healing and help you remember your dreams. During our 1-2 visits a month, we'd just happen to see a harvest moon or a double rainbow. It was like the Little House was giving us signs that we were moving in the right direction.

When Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, we put the Little House up on Airbnb as a place for those who lost their homes to come and stay. Matt and I spent a good 3 days getting the house ready for our first guests and with just a few simple changes and a thorough cleaning, the farmhouse completely transformed. Before her light was so dim, we could only feel it. But after our first couple guests, we started to see her light really shine. She loved being a place for people to come to feel some inner peace.

A few weeks after, I received some artwork from a friend who wanted me to start selling her pieces in Houston. I brought the box of artwork with me to the Little House and decided to put it up on the wall in the living room. It was a shiplap wall that had random nails so I hung the pieces in random fashion. As I looked around at the other artwork I had already hung, I realized the house was transforming into an art gallery. There was art everywhere and I loved it! I felt the house whisper to me, "Don't you remember you always wanted to own an art gallery?" I realized, we were not only helping the Little House to come to life, but the Little House was reminding us to do the same by fulfilling our dreams.

As we all know, with any kind of healing, it takes time and effort. The right kind of decisions need to be made and the right kind of energy must be applied to the process. This is not easy to do when you have to listen to what you feel versus hearing actual words.

This is what the Little House has been teaching us. We wanted so badly to rush the process in the beginning just to get the center up and running, but detours happen for a reason and everything works out the way it should.

Matt and I are thankful for the journey the Little House has taken us on so far. We are just starting to get our feet wet with these renovations and know there is so much more ahead of us. We hope to continue to be patient and listen to her guidance so we can undergo the right kind of transformation we all are in need of.

The only easy day was yesterday.


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