Bless This Home & All Who Enter

When we fill our homes with love, we bless every person who walks through its doors.

Before Matt and I purchased the Little House, I told myself the next place we go, I am only bringing with us the things we love. I had been on a journey of decluttering my body, my mind, and everything around me since our move from California to Texas. After we purchased the Little House, I remember how freeing it felt to fill a Penske truck two sizes smaller than the one we originally rented during our move across country.

The Little House became filled with love as our belongings we so adored found their right place throughout the farmhouse. We didn’t have much, but what we did have was unique and special. Many of our belongings are made by our friends and family. As I look around, I am reminded of these people we love and think about how grateful we are to have them in our lives. Our love has encompassed the empty spaces inside the Little House rather than being cluttered with materialistic items that have no meaning.

I have come to learn throughout this journey that love is the only thing that heals. Matt and I had to first remember how to love ourselves so we could learn to love the Little House. By expanding this love towards all things within the house, we learned how to create love so it filled the spaces and blessed everybody who came to visit.

As I think about how special a home can be, I send forth my blessings to all who read this. I pray that you too remember to fill any empty spaces in your life with love.

Whether in our hearts or in our homes, let us let go of whatever is taking up the space where love should reside. When the space is cleared, may we request for love to enter and feel its boundless beauty as it fills our abandoned hearts with a love that will heal us all.

The only easy day was yesterday.