One Life.
Let's release our RESISTANCE & lead a life of love.
One Beat.
Let's jam into DEVELOPMENT & create a heart that beats with love.
One Rhythm.
Let's flow with ABUNDANCE & allow our soul to dance to the rhythm of love.

We suffocated the Little House the first year we owned her. Our progress was at a complete standstill for most of the year because we (especially me) kept a strong grip on what we wanted the Little House to become. This lil' farmhouse was supposed to be OUR home. How did our plan we had been working on for the last 6 years not fall into place like we dreamed of? We had moved all the way from California to Texas because we dreamed of owning acreage and living out in the country where we could roam around free to be who we truly are without feeling the confines of city living.

When we lived in our tiny studio apartment in California, Matt used to say to me, "We could have a piece of land with a house on it for the same amount were paying in rent" and he was completely right. Our mortgage ended up being the same amount our rent was. When I saw this number, it assured me we were making the correct decision by purchasing the land and farmhouse we had always wanted. Little did we realize the next year would be the toughest one yet because the Little House had to teach us to let go of what we wanted her to become so she could show us the greater plan in what she wanted to become.

Matthew's grandmother gave us her ruby ring and Kathryn's grandmother gave us her diamond ring. We saw this as a special coincidence and when we needed a business name to represent our collaboration, we decided on Rubimond.

Matthew & Kathryn Chaput

Our Collaboration :: A wedding venue.


All donations go towards restoring the Little House.


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