Hello friends! I'm Kathryn Chaput.

A few years back, I made a choice to follow what brought me joy. At the time, I was working as a nurse and felt constantly stressed out. When I made this decision, many changes started occurring. My husband got a new job in Texas so we moved half way across the country. I was guided to start writing in a journal with my non-dominant hand to process through my built-up emotions. And I decided to start learning how to run my own business. All of these simple, yet big changes that occurred has led me to where I am today: an author, a motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur. All because I decided one day to follow my joy.

Hi there! I'm Loveleen Saxena

I also made the decision a few years back to follow my joy and was guided to start doodling on my lunch breaks at work instead of eating with co-workers. I had always loved doodling as a little girl, but gave up this practice when I became an adult. By bringing this practice back into my life, I developed more confidence in myself to do things that made me joyful like starting my own art business, becoming a life coach, and now a published illustrator. I credit all of these accomplishments to my simple decision to follow my joy.

Every time we follow our joy, we get closer to reconnecting to the light of perfection within us. This light knows everything about us. It knows who we are, what we want to become, & the talents we have hidden within us to bring forth our right creations. We call this light of perfection our intuitive guide & we'll teach you how to reconnect with It.


First, we teach you how to REBUILD your WILL so you begin choosing to do things you love to do instead of following in the footsteps of others.

Second, we help you RECONFIGURE your MIND to let go of anything that's blocking you from reconnecting with your intuitive guide.

Third, we teach you how to REDISCOVER your INTUITIVE GUIDE who will unveil to you your hidden talents & right creations.

By choosing to walk this path, you'll not only reconnect with your intuitive guide...

you'll also remember what makes you UNIQUE

be guided to explore your creative TALENTS

 & find out what your meant to CREATE

all while moving in the direction towards finding a greater joy within.

Easy as that!


We've named this journey THE PATH LEADING BACK TO ME

and provided you with a collection of 15 stepping stones to walk you through your journey.

Chaos  |  It's Complicated  |  Shadow Self  |  Who Am I?  |  Heart Speak

Be Still  |  Surrender  |  Let It Go  |  Inner Beauty  |  Ten Commandments

Nature Rocks  |  Sharing Is Caring  |  Heart Sing  |  Soar High  |  Journey of Life

Each stepping stone includes inspirational writings, doodles, & fun, easy to follow exercises to help you effectively move through the transformational process of diving within.




Now let's get started!

Start walking your Path Leading Back to Me today!